Our Station Poster Project has now made touchdown after a great many vicissitudes during the months! After a very long afternoon of drilling and measuring on a windy and rainy Sunday afternoon, our stalwart team have displayed our 7 posters on Platform 1 at Crowborough Station and we are proud of the effect they are achieving. Each poster is the work of a different artist and we are also looking for new designs to add to the collection.

We are also well under way with sales of postcards produced from our original designs and they are for sale at various outlets throughout the town, and also through Crowborough Arts, at a price of 80p each or £5.00 for a mixed pack of 7. We are also now taking orders for prints of the posters, and the charge for these will be £20 each for an A1 and £18 for an A2.
You can download an order form here:

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It was discovered today that one of the posters designed by a member of Crowborough Arts, has been stolen from the wall at Crowborough Station.

The poster is of the old Observatory in Crowborough and was one of seven posters designed by Crowborough Arts members as part of the Town Council's project to improve the look at Crowborough Station. All the posters have a historical theme and are in the style of posters which might have decorated the station walls around the time it was built.

Susannah Petszaft - Crowborough Arts Co-Chair said 'We are all so disappointed that this has happened. We have spent a lot of time designing these posters and were pleased to see them finally up in the Station, a task undertaken by volunteers, and we have received many positive comments’.

The posters and postcards are on sale in several outlets throughout the town with the proceeds of sales going to the Crowborough Arts Bursary which provides support to artists and performers in the town who need help to develop their art.'