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Sheila King

Sandie Donaldson

Hazel Kelly

After some training in my early twenties, art became a hobby when I began a different career. About ten years ago, I began to paint seriously again. Creating something by drawing, painting, collage or photography, is immensely satisfying. In the past couple of years, my work has become more abstract, using acrylic inks. I look for patterns in everything around me in nature, but also in manmade objects,like cranes, buildings, neon signs. Always, I am looking for the unusual in the everyday.

Sandie Donaldson has been painting, (when full-time work and parenting permitted) since childhood.
She studied illustration at Brighton University and now indulges her long-held passion for watercolour painting.

Influenced by modern water colourists, she draws her inspiration from gardens – her own and everyone else’s, and paints with an emphasis on colour and form.
Sandie teaches individuals and groups in her Crowborough studio and runs a ‘Watercolour for Beginners’ group for Crowborough U3A.

I am a self taught artist selling for many years through galleries and market stalls.

Wildlife is now my inspiration and by specialising in watercolour I find it the perfect medium for capturing the spontaneity and energy of this subject through light and colour.

Find more of my work at www.hazelk.co.uk

Wendy Edge

Claire Higgott

After some formal art training at Hornsey College of Art in my youth, I finally found some time after retirement to expand this and start painting. I belong to two local art groups.
I enjoy experimenting with various media but work mainly in watercolour, acrylics, pencil and pen, often mixed. I am inspired by the colours and shapes of old and unusual architecture seen on my travels, also plant forms and colours.

Claire Higgott’s background in graphic design has always alongside her interest in cloth and stitching. Inspired by archaeology and maps, and the ever-increasing bureaucracy faced by small businesses her work involves layers of graphic marks, printed or stitched by hand and machine to contribute texture and a visual language. Claire also runs a business, Thermofax Screens.