Call for Artists:
Annual Winter Exhibition
at Penshurst Place 2016
Artists who wish to be considered for selection bring the actual
pictures to Sue Petszaft’s lobby at Leylands Manor,
Tubwell Lane, Crowborough between 7th and 11th November.
Works should be wrapped in a way that makes it easy to take
them out for selection and then be repacked(without having to
use tape or string). Any works selected will have to be
transported and will need appropriate packing as
Crowborough Arts can’t be responsible for damage.
Please ensure that each package is clearly labelled with your
name and the title of the picture.
Please do not send email images - we dont have the manpower to deal with these and the selection committee prefers to see the actual paintings.
Each work should be clearly labelled on one the back and with one label hanging below the bottom of the frame stating Artist, Medium ,Title and Price.
Artists may submit either up to 4 small pictures(max 23cm longest side inc. frame) or 3 medium (45 cm longest side)
or 1 large work.
Selection will depend on the hanging space available and those works not selected will be left for artists to collect from Sue’s lobby after 11th November. You will be notified whether or not your picture has been selected and with the exact time of the launch on 16th November - (it will be early evening).
The exhibition will open on Wednesday, 16th November at the Porcupine Pantry, Penhurst Place and will be taken down after Christmas to be collected from Leylands Manor as before.
Enquiries to -